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A non-profit organization contributing to the conservation of the Serengeti ecosystem for future generations



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Our Work

As pristine parts of the world continue to shrink in the face of rapid population growth, the Grumeti Fund – in conjunction with our Tanzanian partners – is actively involved in preserving 350,000 acres of previously neglected Serengeti wilderness. Through active conservation management, collaboration with local communities, technological innovations and the deployment of well-trained boots-on-the-ground, we are affecting tangible change and sustainable results.

2022 Impact Report

“The success of the Grumeti Fund will ensure that the long-term ecological function of the Serengeti ecosystem is maintained and protected, whilst presenting new livelihood opportunities to local communities through the development of a functioning nature-based tourism economy.”


Key Projects

The Grumeti Fund depends on the generosity of donors to help us carry out our conservation and community programs. Your contribution will help enhance the ongoing protection of this crucial part of the Serengeti ecosystem and provide essential support to the development aspirations of neighboring communities.


Latest News

Follow some of our favorite behind-the-scenes moments and keep up with our latest news with some of the informative articles below.

  • Unlocking Opportunities: Highlighting Davis Merinyo’s Internship at Grumeti Fund

    Grumeti Fund internships allow students and recent graduates to gain experience and develop their professional skills in their chosen fields. Davis Merinyo is among the outstanding interns who has made huge contributions while working alongside Grumeti Fund’s Relationship Department. Davis joined the Grumeti Fund a......

  • George Lohay’s New Paper Published

    Paper Title: Genetic evidence of population subdivision among Masai giraffes separated by the Gregory Rift Valley in Tanzania (link) RISE’s newest team member, George Lohay, has already begun forging new paths and findings forward to advance the conservation of African wildlife. George has had a......

  • RISE Scholarship Program: Highlighting Juma Minya

    In 2019, the Grumeti Fund established the Research and Innovation for the Serengeti Ecosystem (RISE) program. RISE transcends the boundaries of traditional research. Harnessing the brightest minds from Tanzania and beyond, RISE bridges the gaps between high-quality scientific research and applied conservation decision-making. The RISE......

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