Anti-poaching and Law Enforcement

The vast majority of poaching incidents at Grumeti involves commercial bush-meat poaching, however, elephant poaching for ivory is a constant and increasing concern.  The Grumeti Fund combines cutting-edge technology with well-trained boots on the ground to combat this dual-poaching threat. We have established 12 permanent scout patrol camps and a network of high-lying Observation Posts which are manned 24/7.  Furthermore, a state-of-the-art digital radio network and accompanying law enforcement database ensure Grumeti’s limited resources are deployed efficiently and effectively.

Game scouts

The Grumeti Fund employs a team of one hundred game scouts.  All of these men come from the local communities bordering the concessions, and the vast majority have a history of poaching involvement. Scouts undergo continuous training to maintain high standards of efficiency and safety. This includes following a strict fitness schedule, weapons training, self-defence courses, trauma medical training and radio communication protocols.

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Scouts on the lookout at one of the Observation Posts (photo Roshni Lodhia)

Joint Intelligence Unit

The Joint Intelligence Unit is a collaboration between the Grumeti Fund Law Enforcement Department and the Tanzanian Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA). This small clandestine unit relies upon on a network of informers from the surrounding villages and communities to provide us with invaluable intelligence on poacher movements. This is of critical importance to ensuring our anti-poaching work is proactive rather than reactive. We strive to apprehend poachers entering the concessions rather than engaging and arresting them after wildlife has already been killed.


Special Operations Group

Within the game scout force, there is an elite special operations unit comprising eighteen high-performing scouts that have proven themselves to be the best of the best: game scouts with unquestionable integrity and the highest work ethic. They are provided with ongoing advanced training and high-tech equipment, as they are tasked with confronting the most serious security threats to the Grumeti concessions. They are deployed as rapid reaction units to engage active poaching threats as well as safeguard our critically-endangered black rhino.

Innovative technology

Grumeti Fund Anti-poaching and Law Enforcement Department currently uses several types of innovative technology.  This includes a Domain Awareness System, TrailGuard cameras, reconnaissance drones, a canine unit, night vision and other quality gear for training and deployment of scouts.

Reconnaissance drones are used for surveillance purposes and are capable of operating 24/7 across the protected area.

Night Vision
Elite scouts are equipped with cutting-edge night vision technology, enabling them to work undetected throughout the night.

Domain Awareness System
The Domain Awareness System is a high-tech tool that allows us to collect and collate data across various departments.

TrailGuard is a new technology being implemented at Grumeti involving a series of covert cameras synced with the DAS.

Key Accomplishments

Fourfold increase in the elephant population despite the Africa-wide poaching pandemic

former poachers converted to wildlife protectors

Arrests made for poaching and illegal resource extraction