Our Team

The Grumeti Fund employs 165 dedicated staff to protect, manage and monitor Grumeti’s concessions and wildlife. Thanks to their passion and commitment, the near-barren plains of ten years ago teem with wildlife once more. In fact, the great herds are once again lingering in this scenically spectacular region during the annual migration, a direct result of our team effectively protecting and re-stabilizing this fragile ecosystem.

Department Heads

Matt Perry

General Manager - Anti-Poaching & Conservation

Noel Mbise

General Manager - Research & Community

Frida Mollel

Community Outreach Program Manager

Bhoke Mtatiro-Mgeni

Head of Communication & Fundraising

David Mwakipesile

Relationship Manager

Wesley Gold

Law Enforcement Manager

Board Members

Mikael Andren

Chairman of the Board

Anders Povlsen


Prof. Hussein Sosovele


Walter Kansteiner, III


Paul Keating


Kent Greenawalt


Lise Kaae