Our Team

The Grumeti Fund employs 165 dedicated staff to protect, manage and monitor Grumeti’s concessions and wildlife. Thanks to their passion and commitment, the near-barren plains of ten years ago teem with wildlife once more. In fact, the great herds are once again lingering in this scenically spectacular region during the annual migration, a direct result of our team effectively protecting and re-stabilizing this fragile ecosystem.

Department Heads

Matt Perry

General Manager - Anti-Poaching & Conservation

Noel Mbise

General Manager - Research & Community

Frida Mollel

Community Outreach Program Manager

David Mwakipesile

Relationship Manager

Glen Steyn

Anti – Poaching Manager.

Skyler Nuelle

Head of Partnerships and Impact Analysis

Stanslaus Mwampeta

Head Research & Monitoring (Ecologist)

George Lohay, Ph.D.

Research Scientist – RISE

Board Members

Mikael Andren

Chairman of the Board

Anders Povlsen


Prof. Hussein Sosovele


Walter Kansteiner, III


Paul Keating


Kent Greenawalt


Lise Kaae