Updates from the Field

Protecting Wildlife Day and Night

At the break of dawn, when most of the world is still wrapped in slumber, a dedicated group of individuals springs into action. It's 5:30 a.m., and our anti-poaching game scouts are gearing up for their daily fitness ritual. Their regimen is not for the

George Lohay’s New Paper Published

Paper Title: Genetic evidence of population subdivision among Masai giraffes separated by the Gregory Rift Valley in Tanzania (link) RISE’s newest team member, George Lohay, has already begun forging new paths and findings forward to advance the conservation of African wildlife. George has had a lot

RISE Scholarship Program: Highlighting Juma Minya

In 2019, the Grumeti Fund established the Research and Innovation for the Serengeti Ecosystem (RISE) program. RISE transcends the boundaries of traditional research. Harnessing the brightest minds from Tanzania and beyond, RISE bridges the gaps between high-quality scientific research and applied conservation decision-making. The RISE

K2N Stage Race: A Bike Race of Challenge & Change

In the coming week, six members of the Grumeti Fund team will step out of their field vehicles and onto their mountain bikes to take on one of our favourite annual challenges -  the Grumeti Fund Kilimanjaro 2 Natron (K2N) Stage Race. The Grumeti Fund K2N

Halting the Spread of Invaders

Imagine a lush ecosystem filled with different plants, hundreds of bird species, and wildlife that thrive in their natural habitat. It's a beautiful scene, one that we all hope to preserve for future generations. But, what if I tell you, that place is under threat

Women in the Field Program Spotlight

The Grumeti Fund is committed to fostering the next generation of empowered, female conservation leaders. Through the Women in the Field (WIF) program, Grumeti Fund has helped develop the skills and experiences of more than 28 women since 2019. The WIF program started in 2019 with just


Zaituni is one of the success stories we love to recount of the Eastern Black Rhino. Zaituni, meaning Olive in Kiswahili has shown growth since she was first found orphaned in the Serengeti plains in late 2019. The Grumeti Fund was entrusted by the Government

Facing the Future of Education

Sustainable conservation means uplifting and impacting the communities surrounding the Grumeti concession. Our relationships department is key in ensuring we create meaningful long-lasting relationships with the communities that have been here years before us and will be here years after us. Uplighting and educating the

Introducing the BizRaiz Program

Grumeti Fund is committed to working with the local communities surrounding the concession to create income-generating opportunities through the Enterprise Development Program. Since its implementation, the Enterprise Development Program has been successful in training more than 900 entrepreneurs  through its Village Learning and Guiding Programs.

Women in the Field

At Grumeti Fund we are firm believers that while it is imperative to have a realistic grip on the threats to conservation, it is just as important to identify and celebrate victories, small and large. In a year rife with challenges, hosting a session of