Paul Keating

Paul Keating is Senior Director and Head of the Philanthropy Department at Vulcan Inc. In this role, Paul oversees the grants portfolios for both Vulcan and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. This includes wildlife conservation, ocean, climate and communities programs, as well as projects responding to pandemic outbreaks (including Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the COVID-19 in Washington, USA). Prior to joining Vulcan in 2017, Paul had a 20-year career working with the United Nations and working for international development programs across the fields of sustainable development, community development, conflict management, and disaster relief/humanitarian assistance. In those roles, he has lived and worked in Africa, East and South Asia, as well as in the US, Europe and Oceania, including his native New Zealand. Paul has a master’s degree in international relations and strategic studies, and bachelors degrees in law and arts. He is married with two children.