Glen Steyn

Anti – Poaching Manager.


Glen Steyn joined the Grumeti Fund in 2023 as the Anti-Poaching Manager. Glen is a former member of the British Royal Marines, where he served on multiple deployments to the Middle East. After six years in the British Marines, he decided to leverage his military skills and expertise to advance wildlife protection and conservation. Glen has since worked in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, and Cameroon combating wildlife crimes and poaching as a counter-poaching consultant. Motivated to empower global anti-poaching teams and to build their capacities sustainably, Glen has trained men and women around the continent who step into high-stakes and dangerous situations every day to protect wildlife for generations to come. Glen’s goal for the Anti-Poaching Unit at Grumeti Fund is to continue to upskill the unit with professional training and increase the operational tempo to further help protect the wildlife and Serengeti ecosystem.