Kristen Denninger Snyder, PhD

Head Scientist
Research Scientist, Colorado State University

Kristen is a conservation scientist who has always been drawn to studying wildlife and the natural world. Her research experiences during her undergraduate degree and extensive time spent exploring National Parks and wilderness areas in the western United States ignited her passion for fieldwork and conservation. Kristen earned her PhD from the University of California – Davis, where her research focused on human-wildlife conflict and conservation planning. Human-wildlife conflict and coexistence have continued to be a priority in her work, which she addresses from an interdisciplinary perspective and using a variety of tools, including household surveys, camera traps, wildlife GPS collars, and remote sensing.

Kristen joined the Grumeti Fund in 2015 while completing her degree, later joining the team as a postdoctoral fellow in collaboration with the Wittemyer Lab at Colorado State University. Now as Head Scientist, Kristen leads the Research and Innovation for the Serengeti Ecosystem (RISE) program. Her favorite aspect of her job is being able to work every day towards bridging the gap between science and conservation while helping to train the next generation of Tanzanian conservation scientists.