Stanslaus Mwampeta

Head Research & Monitoring (Ecologist)

At just seven years old, Stanslaus’ father introduced him to the wonders of the Serengeti. This early experience lit a spark within, igniting a lifelong passion for nature. Those memorable two years in Mugumu, a small town next to Serengeti, and a few adventures in Serengeti National Park, deeply rooted his passion to conservation.


With a great passion for nature, Stan pursued academic excellence with determination. He earned a BSc. in Wildlife Science and Conservation from the University of Dar es salaam. Continuing his academic journey at the same institution, he crafted a master’s thesis centered on ecology of caracal and serval. Concurrently, Stan monitored lion prides in Serengeti National Park. This experience paved the way for his doctoral research. At the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology, he dedicated his Ph.D. to refining lion population estimation techniques. His scholarly contributions have been published in various esteemed journals.


For more than a decade Stan explored the Serengeti, getting to know its secrets inside and out. By the time he joined Grumeti Fund in 2023, his knowledge was unparalleled. As the head of Research and Monitoring, he leads a committed team with a singular mission: collecting and interpreting ecological data to safeguard ecosystem’s health and well-being.


Stanslaus learned the magic of teamwork on the soccer fields, and now he’s bringing that spirit to the Western Serengeti Ecosystem. He believes that conservation transcends science–it’s collective effort. Inviting both local enthusiasts to global specialists, he calls everyone in the game to share knowledge and resources like passes in a thrilling match. His goal? To secure a thriving planet for everyone.