A Game Scout’s Mission

The game scouts at Grumeti Fund work tirelessly to defend the protected area. Training is extremely important to keep the team safe and effective when they deploy on a mission.

Safaris With A Purpose: Elephant Collaring

The Grumeti Fund is opening its doors to people from around the world to get involved in key conservation and community development projects. Elephant collaring is one of several projects with which to get involved.

Elephant Collaring Project: Phase One

Human-wildlife conflict is one of the most pressing issues facing people and wildlife in the western Serengeti. Thus, the Grumeti Fund, in partnership with TAWIRI, fitted 12 elephants with remote download GPS collars to help prevent these incidents.

Grumeti Fund Overview

The Grumeti Fund’s vision is to create a world in which people and wildlife live together sustainably, forever. Learn about where the organization has come from and where we aim to go.

Rescue Dogs Help In The Fight Against Poaching

In September 2017 four rescue dogs from the United States arrived at Singita Grumeti. The dogs, trained to detect wildlife contraband and track poachers, are integral to the future of anti-poaching in the Serengeti ecosystem.

An Unbreakable Bond between Dog and Handler

Six handlers are responsible for the continuous care and training of the dogs – Tony, Radar, DJ and Popo. The bond between them is extremely strong and fundamental to the program’s success.

The Wildlife Protector

There are over 100 game scouts securing the 350,000 acres Singita Grumeti concessions. These scouts are integral to the comeback of wildlife, as well as in the future protection of the ecosystem. They work day and night, rain or shine to ensure the fauna and flora prospers.

Environmental Education

The Environmental Education Center, established in 2009, has hosted thousands of secondary school students, working hard to educate the next generation on the importance of creating a sustainable future for themselves and the country.

Environmental Education Center

We see the Environmental Education Center as a flagship program for Grumeti Fund because of the impact it’s making on the lives of youth living in communities around the reserve.

Girl Power

Empowerment is critical to the Community Outreach Program’s goal of uplifting the people and communities surrounding the protected area. Through a series of female-focused programs, the Grumeti Fund is dedicated to supporting the women and girls in the region.

Summary of the Grumeti Fund

Grumeti Fund is a non-profit organization tasked with conservation, law enforcement, community outreach and research and monitoring activities within the Grumeti concession area.

Edge Of Existence Extended Trailer

An issue impacting the livelihoods of local communities and resident wildlife, and one of the biggest challenges faced here is human-wildlife conflict. The Grumeti Fund is working to develop and implement multiple solutions to this problem. To expose this critical issue, Black Bean Productions has embarked on a journey to document the challenges and potential solutions to human-wildlife conflict in the western Serengeti.

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