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About 1160 secondary school girls aged between 15 and 17 years in Serengeti District had been equipped with the knowledge and urged to fight against female genital mutilation (FGM). Read the full article

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But as Tanzanians join the world in marking the World Rhino Day this week, it’s comforting to note that a private conservation organization, Grumeti Fund, is working on the re-introduction of the Black rhino in Grumeti Reserve located in the western part of the world’s

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15 Years of conserving the Serengeti concession. Read the full article

All Africa: Singita Grumeti Anti-Poaching Crusade Pays Off

There is an increase of arrests of poachers and collection of snares in a 350,000- acre concession wildlife reserve under Singita Grumeti which is adjacent to the Serengeti National Park, thanks to deployment of high technology and well trained game scouts. Read the full article