Moon phase and season alter road use by lions

Abstract Roads within protected areas facilitate management and tourism but can also alter animal movements and foraging opportunities. Animal tracks observed along roads are also used to index species distributions and abundance. We investigated the influence of roads on lion (Panthera leo) movements within the Serengeti

Differentiated drivers in wildlife-induced damage necessitate species-specific mitigation strategies in the western Serengeti, Tanzania.

Abstract In agriculturally dependent regions interspersed with wildlands, crop damage and livestock depredation by wildlife threaten rural livelihoods and undermine conservation efforts. Determining the species, human activities and landscape features correlated with losses to wildlife is critical for developing effective mitigation approaches. To better understand drivers

Seasonal and spatial vulnerability to agricultural damage by elephants in the western Serengeti, Tanzania

Abstract: In the western Serengeti of Tanzania, African elephant Loxodonta africana populations are increasing, which is rare across the species’ range. Here, conservation objectives come into conflict with competing interests such as agriculture. Elephants regularly damage crops,which threatens livelihoods and undermines local.. Read Full Publication