Elephant Updates

Over the last several months across Africa there has been an increase in information and action with regard to ivory poaching.  Thanks to the Great Elephant Census, a program that counted elephants in 18 countries over two years, we have a much deeper understanding of

Paul G. Allen – A Conservation Visionary

Influenced by a myriad people, policies and organizations, wildlife conservation is complex and multi-faceted.  From the well-trained boots on the ground to the demand reduction initiatives in distant foreign markets, wildlife contraband continues to be a major global market – albeit an illegal one. Consequently,

Big Mammal Sightings Record Broken

Excerpts from a 24 hour adventure by Charles Foley, with Lara Foley and Brenden Simonson In September of this year we approached the management at Grumeti with an unusual request: would they be interested in supporting an attempt to break the Big Mammal Day world record in

Eric Settles In As We Celebrate World Rhino Day

Eleven days after his epic journey across the world, Eric is doing extremely well.  Relaxed and more and more at ease in his new surroundings, Eric is transitioning really well from his zoo based diet to indigenous browse and even learning how to eat thorns

Grumeti Fund Brings San Diego Zoo Rhino to the Western Serengeti

In an effort to save a critically endangered species from extinction, the Grumeti Fund has successfully completed the first phase of a far-sighted Black Rhino Expansion Project with an eight-year old eastern black rhino male safely translocated from San Diego Zoo to the Serengeti. Grumeti Fund

Grass Roots Education

I just finished an amazing stay in the Serengeti of Tanzania. I’ve been here for 6 weeks, involved in 2 different projects that are community outreach programs of the Grumeti Fund. Grumeti combines conservation, sustainable tourism, and community outreach. I worked on two projects: Language Immersion

The Dedication of the Grumeti Fund Scouts

Strategic | Committed | Organized | Unyielding | Trained It’s 3:00am and Kabichi, the Senior Regional Leader for Anti-Poaching’s Special Operations Group, hears his call sign crackle over the digital radio next to his bed.  A covert camera placed along the protected area boundary has just snapped

Success through the Grumeti Fund’s Enterprise Development Program

Written by Frank Damson - Enterprise Development Program Officer  It's not uncommon to hear about entrepreneurs who used the wealth they made from a previous endeavor to build a thriving new startup, or about seasoned business owners who took over a decades-old franchise and transformed it into something

A Focus on Training

For the past few months there has been a strong focus on education and training to ensure the sustainability of many Grumeti Fund projects currently underway. Whether people are executing a project or are the subject of a project, training and education are key factors.