A Focus on Training

For the past few months there has been a strong focus on education and training to ensure the sustainability of many Grumeti Fund projects currently underway. Whether people are executing a project or are the subject of a project, training and education are key factors. Investing in people always delivers immeasurable returns because people have the ability to make sure all the objectives are reached. The Fund aims to enhance skill sets in order for everyone involved to contribute as much as possible to the conservation of the Serengeti ecosystem, its natural landscape, and its wildlife.


Recent training sessions achieved the following: in February, 48 budding entrepreneurs graduated from the Enterprise Development program; the canine unit received specialized re-training and is now fully operational; scouts were given refresher training in advanced trauma management; a girls’ empowerment and health session for girls was held on World Women’s Day; two groups of Primary School teachers attended an English immersion course; and a new mentorship program between Grumeti staff and local Secondary School scholarship recipients was launched. We are proud of everyone who organized these courses, those who ensured that all operations ran smoothly and safely and everyone who attended the courses to improve their skills.

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