A Look at 2017

What a year it was for the Grumeti Fund! With the generous support of many donors and partners the team on the ground was able to implement an array of projects and programs to increase the impact of our conservation and community work.  Here are some highlights from 2017:

Concordia Language Immersion Camp: in partnership with Concordia Language Villages we hosted several english camps for local primary school children to develop skills aimed at enabling them to have better success in the secondary school system when they are required to test in English. (photo:Madaline Malat)

The elephant population at Singita Grumeti has increased to 1,500 (photo: Roshni Lodhia)

Canine Unit: Four rescue dogs arrived at Singita Grumeti to assist the anti-poaching team and also our partners in the neighboring protected areas to ensure that poaching is kept to a minimum. The four dogs can detect and track wildlife contraband and also poachers engaging in illegal activities. (photo: Pete Coppolillo)

Lions continue to thrive in Singita Grumeti, the population having grown 16 fold since the first wildlife census in 2003. (photo: Stephen Cunliffe)

Domain Awareness System (DAS): a high-tech solution created by Vulcan Inc for the consolidation of real time information increasing the effectiveness of the Singita Grumeti Fun to carry out anti-poaching, conservation and research and monitoring work as it collects and collates incidents and assets across the entire protected area. (photo: Roshni Lodhia)

The Grumeti Fund’s anti-poaching team completed 4,842 patrols in 2017 to protect all wildlife, including the great wildebeest migration, from poaching threats. (photo: Stephen Cunliffe)

Girl’s Empowerment: a program to uplift teenage girls to become more empowered. (photo: Roshni Lodhia)

TAWIRI Vet Collaboration: Our collaboration with the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute has proven successful and seven animals were rescued from deadly snares since the inception of the program in September.

Raizcorp Program: an enterprise development program which was initially rolled out in two villages, whereby local entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to engage in weekly training seminars tailored to their skill sets and empowering them to develop their businesses.  This program aims to diversify the local economy, providing more sustainable livelihood solutions apart from poaching or extracting natural resources within the protected area. (photo: Roshni Lodhia)

The wild dogs reintroduced on the boundary of the Singita Grumeti concession has reached a healthy pack size of 23 dogs. (photo: Roshni Lodhia)

We are extremely excited for what is in store in 2018 and for the continuation and further development of the projects initiated over the last year.  Outside of the day to day operations, we are looking to implement several key programs that rely on solid partnerships and reliable funding, including black rhino translocation, elephant collaring, kudu reintroduction, an aerial support program, girl’s empowerment and a mentorship program.

To be a part of our 2018 journey, please donate here or contact us for more information: info@grumetifund.org