Introducing the Grumeti Fund Canine Unit

They have arrived! The dogs, Tony, Popo, DJ and Radar were warmly welcomed to their new home.  Although they have already undergone quite the journey from Washington DC to the Serengeti, Tanzania, their story is just beginning. Having been rescued from dog shelters in the United States, these previously abandoned canines are being given a second chance to protect wildlife species that are on the verge of extinction.  All four dogs (two chocolate lab mixes and two Belgian Malanois) have been trained through our partner, Working Dogs for Conservation, in detecting ivory, rhino horn, pangolin scales, ammunition, bush meat and snares.   



It is anticipated that the dogs will play a vital law enforcement role in the conservation success of Singita Grumeti as well as the greater Serengeti ecosystem.  Alongside their new handlers, who are currently undergoing rigorous training from expert trainers on how to care for, train and work the dogs, the canine unit is expected to increase the Grumeti Fund’s ability to stop poaching.  By assisting in the detection and arrest of poachers trafficking wildlife contraband, we hope the presence of these determined canines will deter potential poachers from picking up their weapons and entering the protected area. Congratulations to the new Canine Unit, led by Mgoye Rugatiri.

A huge thanks to the generous donors who have made this project possible!

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