Thriving Beyond Business with Grumeti Fund’s RED Program

“I used to think education stops after school, but now I know it’s a lifelong journey,” shares Joyce, her eyes alive with newfound wisdom. “Even old people like us can keep learning and growing. This program unlocked my creativity and critical thinking skills – it’s more than just business. I learned to build strong relationships and embrace challenges as opportunities. It has given me a whole new way to thrive, not just in business, but in life!”

Joyce Mazira, a resilient mother of five, farmer, and entrepreneur from Mihale village, embarked on her transformative journey with our RED program in 2018.

Joyce’s transformation is a testament to the Grumeti Fund’s Rural Enterprise Development (RED) program. Since its inception, this initiative has gone beyond participation, actively empowering over 1,000 community members to elevate their entrepreneurial skills. It’s been a journey marked by growth, traversing the intricacies of product development, uncovering untapped opportunities, and mastering the delicate dance of financial management and planning. The enthusiasm continues to soar as over 130 new members eagerly prepare to embark on their RED program adventure this year.

Joyce and Philip engage in a session, as Philip visits her at home to provide mentorship and support.

Guiding these fresh minds is Philip, the Grumeti Fund Rural Enterprise Development Program Officer, a mentor with a track record of success. Reflecting on her journey, Joyce shares, “Before RED, I did not know how to save, track my sales, or manage my profits. Now, thanks to the program and Philip’s support, I navigate my finances with confidence.”

To become part of this transformative journey, click here and contribute to the RED program. Join us in fostering lasting change and empowering individuals to thrive beyond the confines of business—in life itself.