Through the Ranks

Yohana Augustin grew up on the boundary of Singita Grumeti in Nyakitono Village.  He has been working to protect this particular tract of land longer than almost anyone associated with the company.  His career with the Grumeti Fund began at its inception in 2003 when he was hired as a scout for the anti-poaching team.

Through his career, Yohana has been a part of a large number of anti-poaching successes.  He has witnessed and played an integral role in the rebuilding of wildlife populations.  During his tenure here he has witnessed the wildlife population rebound.   This includes a 10 fold increase in buffalo, a 16 fold increase in lion and despite the overall loss in Tanzania of 60% of elephants in the last five years a 7.5% increase in the elephant population at Singita Grumeti every year since 2003.  To secure these successes he, and many others, have endured long days and nights and harsh conditions.

In honoring Yohana’s commitment to the Fund, the organization has in turn provided several opportunities for him to advance his knowledge and skills through courses and travel.   He has completed four wildlife management training courses, as well as a special course through Pasiansi Wildlife Institute and most recently he received a diploma in Wildlife Management from Mweka Wildlife College.  Despite these courses and training opportunities, Yohana still strives to expand his knowledge and skills in wildlife management.

Singita Serengeti House Wildlife1

Yohana has risen through the ranks and was recently appointed as one of three Section Managers at Singita Grumeti, working in the Conservation Management department.  He enjoys his new role and the challenges it brings, as it enhances his knowledge and skills as well as the positive impact he and his team will be able to have on the protection of the area.   His hopes are that the Fund continues to strengthen and to carry out its good work, as it plays a very important role in the survival of wildlife in the Serengeti and enhancing wildlife conservation throughout the country.

Yohana’s commitment to the Fund and to conservation is extremely valuable.  Behind this commitment is support from his family.  He says that his family has always encouraged him to work in an honorable way and to live in peace with his colleagues.  The advice that he receives from them during difficult times has been helpful and they have always been accepting of his time away from home, at work or while studying.   He says that they see the benefits of his work and both they and the community support his commitment to conservation and the work of the Grumeti Fund.