Unlocking Opportunities: Highlighting Davis Merinyo’s Internship at Grumeti Fund

Grumeti Fund internships allow students and recent graduates to gain experience and develop their professional skills in their chosen fields. Davis Merinyo is among the outstanding interns who has made huge contributions while working alongside Grumeti Fund’s Relationship Department. Davis joined the Grumeti Fund a few months ago after graduating from the Sokoine University of Agriculture with a bachelor’s degree in wildlife management. His experience as an intern has already made an impact on him, shaping both his career trajectory, and facilitating his personal development.

Davis has been working closely with Grumeti Fund’s Hunyari-based human-wildlife conflict mitigation unit, which deploys rapidly to instances of HWC in surrounding communities. Reflecting on his first day, Davis vividly recounts his experience, “I arrived at the unit at 10 pm, and the team immediately asked for me to change my clothes and be ready for calls from the community, I was surprised that the team works even at night.”

Davis explained that working as an intern with the Grumeti Fund has provided him with practical experience that has helped him see the connections between his prior academic coursework and the real world. According to Davis, he has been able to learn even more working in the field than he could have in a classroom. Davis’s internship has helped him to understand new methods of preventing HWC, like using Roman candles and thunder flashes to deter elephants; it has equipped him with a new perspective on the importance of communities in conservation initiatives. In his own words, he said, “I have come to appreciate that conservation encompasses not only wildlife but also the well-being of the communities residing near protected areas.

A traditional dance in one of the conservation awareness sessions.

Speaking about the work Grumeti Fund does in the adjacent communities and the role he played, Davis explained, “The dedication of Grumeti Fund to uplift local communities is truly commendable. Engaging and attentively listening to people proved to be the most effective approach to identifying their needs and addressing their concerns. Witnessing the organization’s commitment to safeguarding natural resources has inspired me. With each session, I witnessed the transformative power of education, community engagement, and the desire to protect and preserve wildlife.”

Davis’s internship has opened his eyes about cultures that exist in his own country. When talking about his experience, Davis mentioned that his time with Grumeti Fund has introduced him to diverse cultures and traditions different from his own. He was particularly excited to taste the incredible cuisines of the communities he worked closely in.

Davis from left, learning about elephant collaring as one of the tools to address Human – elephant conflicts.

Grumeti Fund’s internship program offers an invaluable, hands-on experience, mentorship, and a chance to make a real impact. Our internship program is fostering the next generation of environmentalists and conservationists, but we can’t do it alone. Join us today in our mission. To donate, click here.