World Ranger Day

The Grumeti Fund has 115 dedicated game scouts, working across the 350,000 acres where they are based out of 12 scout camps and 12 observation posts. The scouts are out on patrol and ambush day and night, putting their lives on the line to protect the wildlife and natural resources of the iconic Serengeti ecosystem. The Grumeti Fund does everything within our power to ensure that the scouts are well-equipped and suitably trained to effectively protect themselves and the wildlife.  The training is diverse, including physical fitness exercises and assessments, weapons drills, advanced medical courses and effective use of digital radio communications.

The scout force has played an instrumental role in the tremendous wildlife population increases seen in the western Serengeti over the last 15 years.  In a country where elephant poaching is rife and where 60% of the national elephant population has been illegally hunted in the last 5 years alone, Singita Grumeti stands as a beacon of hope with an impressive four- fold increase in mammalian biomass since the project’s inception 14 years ago.  These remarkable wildlife statistics and population recoveries are in the main due to the hard work and dedication of the Grumeti Fund game scouts. Last year the scouts collected 1,276 snares, completed 4,445 patrols covering 25,247 kilometers on foot, and effected the arrest of 360 poachers.

Despite these successes, an enormous threat still remains.  The commercial bush meat trade is responsible for the decimation of vast numbers of animals every year.  Within the Serengeti ecosystem, there are an estimated 96,000 wildebeest poached every year.  For the Grumeti Fund scouts to continue to contribute to the safety of wildlife in the greater Serengeti ecosystem, good equipment is crucial.  One piece of essential equipment urgently needed is night vision goggles.  Night vision goggles allow the scouts to work at night and detect any illegal movement through the protected area.  For this year’s World Ranger Day we are setting a goal to raise $10,000.00 to purchase one set of night vision goggles. Please join us in supporting the Grumeti Fund anti-poaching team by clicking here.  For more information on the Fund and its noble activities, please email