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Community Outreach


Girls Empowerment

Over the last couple years the Grumeti Fund has been growing our empowerment program. We connect and uplift women and girls in the local communities through a number of projects, including enterprise development, scholarships, lifeskills training and environmental education. We also have specific empowerment events


Grumeti Fund Language Camp

Education is one of the key parts of the Community Outreach Program.  The Grumeti Fund Language Camp is growing every year.  The camps teach fifth graders how to speak English in a fun and interactive way. This helps them during the transition from primary school


Finding Inner Strength

Anna and Rabiya are from the Serengeti. Supported by the Grumeti Fund to join a girls road trip in South Africa, led by the organization BRAVE, they spent a week learning and engaging with other young women from around the world to develop their inner


Environmental Education

The Environmental Education Center, established in 2009, has hosted thousands of secondary school students, working hard to educate the next generation on the importance of creating a sustainable future for themselves and the country.


Environmental Education Center

We see the Environmental Education Center as a flagship program for Grumeti Fund because of the impact it’s making on the lives of youth living in communities around the reserve.


Girl Power

Empowerment is critical to the Community Outreach Program’s goal of uplifting the people and communities surrounding the protected area. Through a series of female-focused programs, the Grumeti Fund is dedicated to supporting the women and girls in the region.