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Women Empowerment

Where thousands of girls have no access to quality education in the rural parts of Tanzania, the Grumeti Fund through your donations has turned the wheel to empowering girls and women in the 21 villages surrounding the concession.

One team, one victory

Grumeti Fund works to maintain, build and strengthen close relationships with all relevant government, conservation and local community stakeholders that operate within the Serengeti ecosystem, thereby enabling us to effectively carry out our work.

Research Driven Decisions

In order to better understand ecological systems and to measure the effectiveness of our community, and conservation work, we invest significantly in research and monitoring programs with the aim of maintaining long-term records of changes in key variables.

A Conservation Spirit

The Grumeti Fund is enhancing the quality of education by providing scholarships to youth from local communities. We are teaching local students the importance of conservation from a young age which will change the future generation.

Saving the Ecosystem

The 350,000 acre Grumeti concession forms a crucial part of the Serengeti ecosystem. In addition to rejuvenating and preserving the landscape, the Grumeti Fund works with government, local communities and other stakeholders on various conservation projects.

Conservation at Heart

The Grumeti Fund employs a team of game scouts that come from the local communities bordering the concession. Our scouts undergo continuous training to maintain high standards of efficiency and safety.


We Are the Grumeti Fund

Grumeti Fund believes that intersectional environmentalism is critical to ensuring a bright future for biodiversity in the western Serengeti and the communities living adjacent to the protected area.


A Message from the Director

Executive Director, Stephen Cunliffe, shares a moment of inspiration about how the intrinsic value of nature is important for the soul.


Research and Innovation for the Serengeti Ecosystem (RISE)

The Grumeti Fund's applied research facility and program, RISE (Research and Innovation for the Serengeti Ecosystem) aim's to empower researchers and scientists to find solutions for complex issues facing the Serengeti ecosystem.


Rhino Translocation Phase Three

In September 2019 the Grumeti Fund, in partnership with the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, translocated a breeding nucleus of eastern black rhino from an ex-situ population in South Africa. This complex project involved a number of partnerships and we are happy


Elephant Collaring

The Grumeti Fund, in partnership with Tanzanian Wildlife Research Institute, collared 30 elephants this past year. The point of this exercise is reduce human - elephant conflict incidents. With no fence between the protected area and the village, elephants can easily destroy peoples' crops and