Elephant Collaring

The Grumeti Fund, in partnership with Tanzanian Wildlife Research Institute, collared 30 elephants this past year. The point of this exercise is reduce human - elephant conflict incidents. With no fence between the protected area and the village, elephants can easily destroy peoples' crops and


Girls Empowerment

Over the last couple years the Grumeti Fund has been growing our empowerment program. We connect and uplift women and girls in the local communities through a number of projects, including enterprise development, scholarships, lifeskills training and environmental education. We also have specific empowerment events


An Elephant Collaring Experience

In September the Grumeti Fund collared 18 more elephants, taking the total number of elephants collared in 2018 up to 30.  Singita guests joined us for the experience.  These philanthropists made the project possible.  Being able to track elephants is imperative as human - elephant


A Rhino’s Journey Across the World – Extended Version

Join Eric on his journey across the world. As one of 750 eastern black rhino left, his genetics and ability to contribute to the eastern black rhino population in Tanzania is critical. Eric's translocation from San Diego to Tanzania is part of a multi-phase black


Grumeti Fund Language Camp

Education is one of the key parts of the Community Outreach Program.  The Grumeti Fund Language Camp is growing every year.  The camps teach fifth graders how to speak English in a fun and interactive way. This helps them during the transition from primary school


A Rhino’s Journey Across the World

Eric's journey across the globe is just phase one of a much bigger project to bring eastern black rhino back to the western Serengeti and bolster the species population in Tanzania. Thanks to San Diego Zoo and our Tanzanian government partners.


Finding Inner Strength

Anna and Rabiya are from the Serengeti. Supported by the Grumeti Fund to join a girls road trip in South Africa, led by the organization BRAVE, they spent a week learning and engaging with other young women from around the world to develop their inner


A Game Scout’s Mission

The game scouts at Grumeti Fund work tirelessly to defend the protected area. Training is extremely important to keep the team safe and effective when they deploy on a mission.


Safaris with a Purpose: Elephant Collaring

The Grumeti Fund is opening its doors to people from around the world to get involved in key conservation and community development projects. Elephant collaring is one of several projects with which to get involved.


Elephant Collaring Project: Phase One

Human-wildlife conflict is one of the most pressing issues facing people and wildlife in the western Serengeti. Thus, the Grumeti Fund, in partnership with TAWIRI, fitted 12 elephants with remote download GPS collars to help prevent these incidents.


Grumeti Fund Overview

The Grumeti Fund’s vision is to create a world in which people and wildlife live together sustainably, forever. Learn about where the organization has come from and where we aim to go.


Rescue Dogs Help in the Fight Against Poaching

In September 2017 four rescue dogs from the United States arrived at Singita Grumeti. The dogs, trained to detect wildlife contraband and track poachers, are integral to the future of anti-poaching in the Serengeti ecosystem.


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