Have you ever seen an elephant cry?

A call comes in. An 18-month-old elephant calf has a snare caught on her leg. We run to the rescue as fast as we can and the vet quickly tranquilizes her so that we can proceed to remove the wire trap. Despite our good intentions,

Counting Wildlife

Measuring the stability of an ecosystem and the biodiversity within it can be challenging.  One of the ways that the Grumeti Fund determines whether the ecosystem with which we are entrusted is thriving is through a wildlife census.  We use two techniques in our assessment

Black Rhino Expansion Program

The tragedy of rhino poaching, the gruesomeness associated with it and the impact that it has had on the survival of the species has been devastating. In East Africa the eastern black rhino (Diceros bicornis michaeli) has been poached to the brink of extinction.  In