Singita Launches First of Its Kind Privately Guided Conservation Focused Safari

  • Guests will be directly involved in the preservation of the 350,000-acre private concession, helping to protect endangered Black Rhinos, African Wild Dogs and Greater Kudu
  • Two exclusive opportunities to take part in February & November 2017, staying at Singita Sasakwa Lodge & Sabora Tented Camp


In 2017, Singita will launch an opportunity for guests to participate in a one-of-a-kind conservation safari experience, whilst staying at Singita’s superb lodges in the Serengeti. Privately guided by Stephen Cunliffe, a renowned conservation specialist and photojournalist, guests will take a journey with him through the Serengeti as he gives insider access to the projects that are the life force behind Singita’s conservation success. Key initiatives will include the Black Rhino Program, Anti-poaching unit and Environmental Education Centre, providing guests with a unique opportunity to help preserve and protect the surrounding ecosystem. Limited to just two departure dates in 2017, this highly exclusive experience will combine conservation with the very best safari accommodation in Tanzania at Singita Sasakwa Lodge, an Edwardian-style manor overlooking the plains and Singita Sabora Tented Camp, a 1920’s inspired vintage explorer’s camp.

Guests will be asked to make a $50,000 donation per guest as part of the safari to directly contribute to funding some of Singita’s most impactful and successful community and conservation projects. $25 000 of your donation will, for example, help train, equip, feed and place two anti-poaching scouts in the field for a year or help contribute to the funding of the Black Rhino Program. The other $25 000 of your donation, will cover all costs associated with the Environmental Education Center for six weeks. This directly translates to 72 students and six teachers being exposed to an intensive weeklong residential course at the Grumeti Fund’s flagship Environmental Education Centre.



Perfectly appointed to offer an insight into Singita’s conservation efforts, guests will be privately guided by Stephen Cunliffe who joined the Grumeti Fund as Director in September 2015. Stephen will bring his expert knowledge in conservation, wildlife management and safari tourism to create a highly personalized and insightful safari experience. Prior the Grumeti Fund, Stephen headed up the dynamic Sisheke Conservation Project – a long-term public-private partnership to sustainably develop 1.5 million hectares of community conserved land in the Upper Zambezi River. Stephen is also a widely published environmental photojournalist, with his conservation stories and breathtaking images featuring in a diverse portfolio of over 30 international publications.

Stephen will not only offer an insight into conservation at Grumeti but also Singita at large. Singita is the guardian of over a million acres of pristine African wilderness in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique, with each project supporting Singita’s vision to preserve and protect large tracts of wilderness areas for future generations.



Visitors to the 350,000-acre private concession in the western corridor of the Serengeti will be surrounded by lush grasslands and healthy herds of migrating wildlife. The Grumeti Fund has been pivotal in ensuring this healthy ecosystem is sustained, allowing nature to flourish and creating one of the best locations of game viewing on earth.

In this new safari experience, guests will directly contribute to the Black Rhino Program, which is a flagship conservation initiative in the region.  Currently, the Grumeti Fund is exploring different avenues to acquire additional rhino to accelerate the breeding and expansion program and make a meaningful contribution to rhino conservation in the Serengeti ecosystem. The black rhino in the Serengeti belong to the Critically-Endangered East African variety, the rarest of the three subspecies that have so far evaded extinction. Heavily poached historically, and under pressure again today, there are less than 800 of these animals left in the wild.

Two packs of critically endangered African Wild Dogs have been reintroduced, with the most recent release having taken place in February 2016. The Grumeti Fund’s newest reintroduction project will involve returning the locally extinct Greater Kudu to Grumeti. Subject to final government approvals and funding, this exciting conservation initiative is expected to take place in 2017.

Guests will also have the opportunity to get involved in the inspirational Environmental Education Centre. The Grumeti Fund is actively increasing awareness among local students at its Environmental Education Center by running residential, week-long courses for students from secondary schools bordering the concessions.  Twelve students accompanied by their teacher are exposed to critical environmental issues such as deforestation, soil erosion, waste management and water conservation that affect each and every one of them. Upon completion of the course, these students return to their local schools and communities where they become agents of change: the catalysts for developing conservation clubs, planting indigenous trees, addressing soil erosion and tackling many other critically important environmental issues.



Following their conservation safari, guests will be treated to Singita’s signature lodges in the Grumeti Reserve. The view from Singita Sasakwa’s veranda is almost endless over the majestic Serengeti plains below. A sense of grandeur is woven throughout the turn-of-the-century manor house and private cottages through a blend of authentic European style and East African influences. From this superb vantage point, one can become absorbed in the marvel of an abundance of wildlife, including the annual migration of zebra and wildebeest, widely known as the greatest natural spectacle on earth. In contrast, Singita Sabora Tented Camp is situated in an untouched wilderness area of Grumeti Reserves. The intimate 1920s-style explorer’s camp is steeped in character, surprising guests with an opulence that is delightfully out-of-place with the rugged terrain of the surrounding savannah plains.

Rates from $7,400 per person (accommodation only, no levies or taxes included), plus a contribution of $50,000 donation to support Singita’s community, wildlife and conservation programmes. Includes 6 nights full board accommodation at Singita Sasakwa Lodge and Sabora Tented Camp. Based on set departure dates of 18 February and 14 November 2017 for a minimum of 2 people based on a maximum group of 6 guests.


Enquiries and reservations can be made through the address below:

Singita, Tel: +27 21 683 3424,


Janalyn Theodosiou, Public Relations